Here I introduce 2 of my dear colleagues.


©Nikola Klanicová, 2018

This is western calligrapher Nikola Klanicova’s work who lives in Brno, Czech Republic.
For more details about her work and books, please visit her websites: (calligraphy) (author’s books)



©Yukiko Taima, 2018

This is Yukiko Taima, a Christian artist from Tokyo who now lives in Prague, Czech Republic.
For more details about her work and activities please visit her website:


“The true meaning of God’s word will be shown not only from Christians but also from various people who are in different situations.”

These two artists will cooperate with my thought above as we incorporate it into a collaborative image relay. This is quite a new experience for all of us three, so we’d appreciate comments and feedback concerning this project.
The comments from Nikola and me will be translated by Yukiko, but we hope someone will help us with the remaining translations.
For the first piece, I have put God’s words and my work here and I await their response.


©DONKUU, 2018

”Time Exists” – God has made everything beautiful in its time.
(Ecclesiastes 3, from the Old Testament)

In the era of the Old Testament, people made many efforts to be close to God but they weren’t always successful. In these words, we read about the hard times people endured and the helplessness of being unable to do anything to change that.
The twenty-eight scenes shown in Ecclesiastes 3 are also scenes of own my life which have always been between living and dying. I have realized that time is ticking away — not only human’s time, but God’s time as well.
When people encounter an unreasonable and unpleasant experience, we easily become resentful towards others or ourselves. Hate begins to grow in us and we in turn suffer from it. Our heart cannot think properly and we become more anxious.
So, let’s believe that this is the time which God has prepared. Open your heart and tell everything to Him. It may take some time, but surely His answers to your questions will be shown to you: Why am I alive? How should I live my life?
It is only then that you will realize “God has made everything beautiful in its time.”
These personal experiences have been talked about in the Bible, as well as by many people in their daily life. I have the most sincere hope that we may feel empathy towards each other in the Time which God has created. May it be shown through our individual attitude, and that we may continue to listen and tell our testimonies with courage and patience.